It can be tough to come to grips with the many changes our bodies go through as we age, especially when it comes to vaginal function and vaginal rejuvenation.

Do I Really Need Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

This topic can make aging feel like an incredibly lonely process. We don’t talk enough about the issues we go through because, let’s face it, getting older can be tough. Talking about wrinkles is embarrassing enough, not to mention the more personal concerns.

But today… it’s time to talk about all of the things that can go wrong “down under,” for women. Whether you’re struggling with urinary incontinence or excessive dryness, there are treatment options for you.

Everyone’s situation is unique. Not everyone needs or wants surgery, that’s why we’re going over a variety of alternatives, so you can be better informed about your options. Let’s start with non-surgical treatments…

Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

There simply isn’t a more comfortable treatment on the market to restore vaginal function than ThermiVA.

What makes ThermiVa such a game-changer? The truth is, there aren’t many non-invasive solutions on the market specifically designed for women. ThermiVa just so happens to be able to correct some of the most common problems women face.

Additionally, there is no surgery, no downtime and results are long-lasting. After your initial series, you will likely only need to schedule 1 session a year for maintenance.


ThermiVA addresses problems in the vaginal canal such as:

  • Vaginal laxity: Laxity is caused after experiencing vaginal delivery or by aging. The therapeutic effect of the radiofrequency heat emitted by the ThermiVA device helps tighten the vaginal tissue and stimulates collagen production for improved results over time.
  • Vaginal dryness: Women don’t pay attention enough about maintaining healthy vaginal moisture levels. If you are intimately active, these issues can be one of the most painful symptoms of hormone imbalance. Sometimes a hormone cream can be prescribed to restore balance, and if that doesn’t work, a ThermiVa treatment can be performed to encourage your body to naturally produce moisture.
  • Urinary incontinence: Bladder leaks are arguably one of the most embarrassing side effects of getting older. Urinary incontinence is mainly caused by the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are a great way to gradually build up your muscles, but it is possible to lose your ability to perform kegel exercises effectively. If you want relief fast, it’s best to talk with a vaginal specialist about ThermiVA.


The O-Shot is also an effective treatment that reduces the urge to “pee all the time” by restoring proper vaginal function. This treatment uses platelets harvested from your own blood and are injected in the vaginal canal.

Both the O-Shot and ThermiVA can address other vaginal function concerns such as:

  • Urinary urgency: Also known as “overactive bladder syndrome”, your bladder should not be keeping you up at night or feeling as if you need to go when in reality you don’t have to. Urinary urgency is mainly caused by the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles and may be a sign of hormone imbalance. Both ThermiVA and the O-Shot can help strengthen the vaginal canal to reduce or eliminate urinary urgency.
  • Libido: Lack of desire for intimacy can take a downturn after giving birth or as a result of menopause. While our bodies are naturally built to bounce back, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t notice a difference in the bedroom once the baby was born. Vaginal rejuvenation does not address the emotional desire to be intimate, however, when vaginal function is optimized it is natural to want to be intimate.

Now let’s talk about some of the vaginal rejuvenation concerns that “do” require surgery…

Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation


Non-surgical vaginal treatments are not always the answer. As a matter of fact, there are several reasons why labiaplasty is the most popular vaginal rejuvenation surgery among surgical options.

Women who choose labiaplasty rarely do it for aesthetic reasons. A large labia can cause discomfort and get in the way of feeling confident in the bedroom.

Labiaplasty can address the uncomfortable tugging or twisting while doing simple things like riding a bike or feeling self-conscious in tight-fitting clothes like yoga pants. Needless to say, it can make a huge difference in and out of the bedroom.

Every woman deserves to love every inch of her body. We’re here to help make sure that happens!


Vaginoplasty is basically the surgical equivalent of jumping back into a time machine. Its purpose is to tighten the vaginal canal that has been stretched by vaginal birth or even aging.

Remember, what your body was like before kids? Well now you don’t have to dream about it, you can make it a reality.

Remember, there are non-surgical options available, like ThermiVA, that can also help tighten the vaginal canal.


What if you could restore your virginity?! A hymenoplasty offers ladies a second chance at virginity.

Hymenoplasty is a simple procedure that aims to “restore virginity by re-attaching the hymen. Women who undergo this procedure often choose it for a big anniversary or another special occasion.

Who Is a Candidate for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Every case is different so an evaluation by a vaginal rejuvenation specialist is always recommended.

Some women don’t have a problem during long car rides but are guilty of leaking while laughing, jumping or coughing. These cases are more of a mild problem and are easily treatable without the need for surgery.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

Every woman should address any vaginal health concerns with their gynecologist. At Sorgente Med Spa in Hyannis, we specialize in vaginal rejuvenation. The first step is making the call to schedule a consultation.

We’ll sit down with you and asses your concerns and desired outcome. Often times, women struggle with more than one issue at a time.

For example, excessive vaginal dryness tends to be associated with loss of libido or even incontinence. A perfect solution may consist of a combination of both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

You’ll never know until you call!

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